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Who is Peckett? 



Everyone has a story and this is mine…


In 2010 my family (wife and three sons) and I traded in the sunny beaches of

Long Island, New York (the only state any of us had ever lived) for the scenic

golf cart paths ofin sunny Peachtree City, Georgia. 

​In addition to the support of my family, I brought with me to Georgia a wide scope of experience in both carpentry and dock building; as most of my adult career was spent in the construction industry.  I also brought with me nearly two decades of experience in the Volunteer Fire service.  

​Now, the time I had vested in the fire department on a volunteer basis, was the equivalent to that of my full time job.  I devoted this time to the service of others because I love it.  I have embraced every position I have ever held, from rookie, to fire fighter, to EMT.   I have gone through the officer’s line twice, in two separate departments and I have taken every opportunity afforded me to continue my training.  I have held numerous positions on various committees and conducted department training. The fire service is an intrinsic part of who I am as a person. Community involvement, for me is what it is all about – being there for others. 

So, you guessed it.  I moved to Georgia, became a volunteer fire fighter, not long after I became a full time fire fighter / AEMT here in the bubble. 

Now, having 3 boys can be expensive (not to mention the wife) so, I worked on my off days with a guy who owned a power washing company; it wasn’t long after I started working for him, that he retired, and I bought the business.

​Initially, I bought the business to have an added income and ideally to instill in my three sons what it means to work and work hard for what you want. Nothing is given, there is no entitlement, if you want something then you need to earn it through hard work and pure determination. This is why, you will see my sons on a job and my wife as well.

​Our business is family owned and fire fighter operated.  I, Peckett created this company, I am as dedicated to this business as I am to the fire service, and I operate this business with integrity. We provide the

best service we can to our clients and we strive to exceed your expectations!


​I am Peckett and this is my story.